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Thin-client e-ink display

posted May 6, 2012, 8:03 PM by Arnav Shah   [ updated May 6, 2012, 8:09 PM ]
Imagine one of those smart digital photo frames - one that retrieves pictures over wifi. How about applying this concept for more structured forms of information? Like a task list, agenda, or some sort of status information? It seems wasteful to use a whole computer or LCD screen to show off this data. So let's make it real simple: an e-ink screen with single button on it. Pressing the button causes it to connect to a wifi network and retrieve information, like from a web page, that it's set up to receive. It then updates the screen and "turns off". Since this is e-ink, the information would still be visible on the screen.

  • simply shows the content of some web page
  • advantages of paper
    • easy to transport
    • little/no power usage
    • inexpensive
  • advantages of digital
    • update entire content as needed
    • updatable view any means
  • hardware
    • e-ink screen
    • battery powered
    • wifi enabled
    • single button, which updates the content
    • variety of sizes
  • software
    • web app to set the page to show per screen
    • control multiple screens
    • since any web content can be shown, the user is free to use any app as long as it works on the web
  • use cases
    • task list
    • agenda (pocket sized screen?)
    • status board (with a giant screen)
    • virtual printout (paper sized screen)
    • situations power isn't available
    • multiple screens in a single workspace showing different things

thin-client e-ink display design